How To Reduce Gas in Your Dog

When a pet experiences gas, it can not only cause an awful stench but pain and discomfort for the pet as well. Gas in dogs can easily be treated using a few simple and natural remedies. Relieving gas in dogs can make a large difference in the way your dog feels everyday.

Gas in Dogs

Frequent gas in dogs can cause pain and discomfort for our close companions. This often causes their activity levels to decrease. The abdomen can become bloated and painful to touch as well. It not only causes the pet discomfort, but can cause our noses to turn upwards at our beloved pets. Gas can often be treated naturally using a few simple home remedies. Relieving gas can make a dog’s activity level increase and boost how they feel throughout the day. Many of these remedies and tips require simple changes to your dogs’ diet.

Relieving Gas with Diet

Often, excessive gas in dogs is caused from what they are eating. Feeding your pet an incorrect food is likely the cause of the horrible stench. Certain dog foods contain ingredients that may be difficult for the dog to digest. Making a simple change to their dog food can very easily relieve the gas. When choosing a new dog food, pick one that is easy to digest. A higher quality of dog food is often best. When changing the dog food, it is best to slowly introduce the new food to the dog. Extreme changes in a dog’s diet can cause the gas to increase. For this reason make sure the introduction is slow and gradual.

Limit Dog Food

Another common cause of gas in dogs is the pets eating habits. Relieving gas in dogs can be done by limiting how much the dog eats at a time. If a dog is prone to eating fast, especially with large portions, gas can occur. To resolve this problem, feed the dog smaller portions more frequently through out the day. This will limit how quickly the dog eats.

Yogurt for Gas in Dogs

Plant Enzymes & Probiotics 300g.A great natural remedy for relieving gas in dogs is a teaspoon of plain yogurt a day. Giving your pet a teaspoon of yogurt a day will naturally balance the probiotics in their digestive system and allow the gas to become a distant memory. It is important to limit the amount of yogurt you give your dog daily because many dogs are lactose intolerant and can not handle dairy products.


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