7 Home Remedies for Bad Breath in Dogs

TweetLike humans, dogs too suffer from bad breath or Halitosis. An inspection of the dog’s mouth will let you know if your dog is suffering from it. There might be many reasons for bad breath like unbalanced diet, gum or …

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What’s The Best Way To Wash Your Dog?

TweetEver wondered if there is an actual method to wash your dog? Well actually there is. This is the one used by JetPetResort in Vancouver, British Columbia – which is a hip, new dog boarding facility that we are familiar …

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Our Top Five Pics – Pet Food Brands That Are Best For Pet Health

TweetThis is interesting. In the United States, the commercial pet food business is worth approximately $11 billion per year. (source: American Pet Food Institute); and about 63 percent of households own a pet. That’s a lot of pet food being …

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Dog Fleas and Tick Control in your Home

Tweet by Kerry Noon While looking for non toxic methods of dealing with natural flea and tick control I encountered some very useful tips in “Mother Earth News”.  Most of us do not want to expose our pets and children …

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Guide to Animal Supplements – FAQ’s

Omega 3 Pet

TweetWe have put together this helpful guide to animal supplements: Q. What is an animal health supplement? A. A product intended to support maintenance of normal biological structure and function in animals which are not intended for human consumption, such …

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